Providing food for the mind, body, and soul is the creative inspiration behind the music of singer/songwriter Natalie Redd (McKnight). The music created and performed by great artists such as: Jill Scott, Anita Baker, Lalah Hathaway, Prince, Aretha Franklin and others helped Natalie to hone in and develop such a jazzy, yet soulful, sound that touches the emotions of her listeners.  

This Mississippi native has been singing since she was a little girl – from church choir(s) to talent shows. In the late 90’s, while working at a casino in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Natalie would perform with the casino’s band on her nights off and provide vocals for local artists’ recordings.  When she moved to Massachusetts in the summer of 2000, music was placed aside to focus on motherhood. After the passing of her grandmother in 2010, music quickly became her mode of therapy. She was sought after by various local bands as lead female vocalists. The responses with love and appreciation from her new fan base is the moment Natalie realized just how important music is in the world and that each song had a soul-healing message to it – not just for her, but for all who embraces it. 

Although she enjoyed band-life and performing at various music festivals, conferences, tribute shows, and being an opening act for concerts, her skills were put to the test when she was encouraged record a solo project. In 2015, Natalie teamed up with producer/composer, Jarreau Pitts of Pitts Campaign Music (Springfield, MA) and recorded her first EP titled It Is What It Is which was released in April 2016. From that EP, her song Get Away (produced by Wayne Patrick Brown from Connecticut) top charted the UK.  Her single BOSS (featuring Shaun Vega) was released in 2017. 

May 2018, Natalie earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Negotiation from the University of Bay Path (Longmeadow, MA). She has two new singles that are available everywhere - Givin’ Up released in the Fall of 2018 and Trapped (feat. The Wayne Patrik) was released Spring 2019.  In the fall of 2020 she released two single: Dear R&B (produced by Wayne Patrick Brown) and Body Language (produced by Burn Mills).  Presently Natalie's new project title R&B 101 due to be release September 2021.  The first single from her new EP - Only Takes a Beat - was released August 2021.  

Yet that is not all for the multi-talented, multi-faceted woman.  Due to the craziness that the world was shook by, Natalie decided to do something different - host a radio show called The ReddZone.  The reason for creating such a show was to feature the undiscovered artists.  The world labels as "Independent Artists", but Natalie says "that label is a restriction that we must fight to remove.  All creative minds should be recognized and loved for the contribution to the Arts and their passion.  We are messengers sent to help heal and bring joy." The ReddZone is aired nationwide different platforms.